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The Older the Better


I say Amen to getting diabetes older rather than younger.  In every case.  Less cumulative damage.  Not to mention, it would have been nice to get to adulthood in one piece before diabetes set in.  Instead, I felt like an adult as a child and had to struggle big time through what should have been the “prime” of life. 

It’s never too late to carry the attitude that “now” is one’s prime.  But, I just don’t understand the discussion regarding when it’s best to get type 1.  Obviously, never.  But, after that, I’d say the older the better.  Wouldn’t anyone?  It’s not like type 1 children ever get used to needles.  So that’s no advantage. 

Maybe it varies from case to case and we don’t know if someone benefited until much later.  The “it’s your destiny” thing.

Maybe it’s just pointless to ask this question.

What do you think?