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Product Review: Lindsay Olives

lindsay olives

I got some free Lindsay Olives to try out from the company.  All I could think was, well I wonder if my husband and family will like them because I’m not going to eat them.  I don’t like olives.  Yet, in essence I’m a food lover so when the box arrived I thought, “ooh let’s see what these taste like”.  I’m one of those people who like most foods (the high quality version).  Olives however, are one of maybe three foods on earth that make me gag.  My mom makes a Christmas bread called “pan de jamón” which has pieces of ham, raisins, and olives baked inside.  It’s delicious except I must pick out the olives.  I hate them so much a tiny bit ruins the entire mouth of goodness.  A shame considering olives are full of antioxidants.

So anyway, I open up the box and find black olives and natural green olives.  I try the black first which are packed in a re-closeable tub for convenience.  Scared of what I will taste, I close my eyes and place one on my tongue.  “Hmm…no vinegary taste”  Then I chew.  “Hmm…this doesn’t taste bad…very mild…”  Then I have another.  “Oh yeah…these are good!”  Before I know it I’ve had 10.  Uh oh, how much insulin do I need to give for this…”whaat? that’s it?  these barely have any carbs!”  I don’t have to give insulin!  Nice!

Then my husband comes home and I offer him some.  He says everything is “good”-even really good stuff.  So I know what I need to do.  I need to watch him.  1, 4, 5, 8…he keeps eating them like candy.  So I guess they’re more than ok.  Something you must know about my Alex is when he doesn’t like something a lot, he truly doesn’t eat it.  He was born with a self-restraint that bewilders me and it’s why he is thin, I swear.

Then I try the natural green ripe olives that come in a can.  They are packed in water and only contain a little bit of added sea salt and as a plus contain no preservatives or color additives.  I try one and melt.  “Alex!  OMG I didn’t know I loved olives!”  He congratulates me and joins in the eating.  The green are our favorite.  We finished the entire can of green olives that afternoon.  They are nothing like those olives that are so strong they overwhelm your whole mouth.  They are nothing like the rubbery and slimy olives found in your martini.  These are REAL.  And I wouldn’t say so if it weren’t true.  I have no tolerance for bad quality, boring snacks and if this was a review for Nabisco cookies, it would not be favorable.  I’m looking for indulgent snacks like these olives to ease my carb counting throughout the week and keep processed foods away from me.

For those of us trying to avoid gluten, olives are naturally gluten free and contain no soy or lactose. 

If you don’t like olives but suspect you might if they were milder and treated as nature intended, then try these.  If you already like olives, oh my are you in for a treat! 

I had my parents and brother try these and they all liked them.  They like how these olives were very tender instead of tough.  My 12 year old brother ate them like grapes.  My mom enjoyed their mild flavor.  Someone like my dad who appreciates a strong olive would probably really like some of the other Lindsay Olive varietals they sell.  I didn’t know but there are many different types of olives ranging from mild tasting to strong tasting.  Do you like wine?  Olives are a nice low carb accompaniment. 

Don’t forget about foods like these.  I always tell people that we can start breaking away from the traditional indulgent foods like mac and cheese and ice cream and try upgrading to whole foods like avocados, almonds, and now olives.  Mouth is still happy, but body is even happier. 

My only complaint is I can’t get these at a grocer near me, yet.  Luckily I can order online.