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Thank You, Mr. Divabetic!


The following article is an interview by Riva Greenberg, to “Mr. Divabetic”. 

“Mr. Divabetic” Puts Glitz and Glam Into Diabetes Education

If you’re a woman, please make sure to read this article!  If you’re a man…well, this article holds a key to women that you may want to make sure you’re aware of ;)

I’m happy to say that I think Max Szadek, the man who started “Divabetic” has hit the nail on the head.  He isn’t a diabetic at all.  Yet, he understands something about women and their health that I wish more people would understand. 

Today, so many women feel pressure to look good, be productive at work, cook well, clean well, be outstanding mothers and devoted wives, sometimes all at once.  In general, a lot of women feel overwhelmed and often place their families before themselves.  Their health is often at the end of their priority list.  I struggle with this.  I find it difficult to change diapers all day, wash dishes, clean the toilet (or contemplate doing it, anyway), and still come out feeling pretty and special at the end of the day.        

Max Szadek has observed that when some special attention and care has been given to women, something wonderful happens:  they are more motivated to take care of themselves.

I’m the first to admit, we girls are interesting creatures.  Many of us would buy our kids an extra toy, get our husband a steak dinner, or take a girlfriend out to lunch before we ever treat ourselves to a pedicure.

Not that any of the above is bad.  It’s just that our health suffers a bit when we forget to be so kind to ourselves.  We flip through fashion magazines and see the bodies we don’t have and think, “ugh, I could never look like that so what’s the point?”  Those magazines are missing the point.  We don’t want to lose weight to look fabulous, we already are fabulous.  We want to be healthy. 

This seems to be the message that Divabetic tries to send to women.  Personally, I know for a fact that if I fix my hair, I’ll be more apt to eat healthy during the day.  And if I take a little time for myself once a day, I feel much more confident and relaxed and much more willing to say no to the nighttime snacking that does nothing but increase my waistline and ruin my overnight blood sugars.

So girl, put down that magazine and go do something nice for yourself.  (If you’re broke like me, do some stretches, take a bubble bath, read a book…or better yet, write down the 10 Things you most love about yourself.  Read yourself the list, every night.  I’m going go do this right now, along with my nails.

For our happiness and our health we should choose to pay special attention to our health.  It makes it so much easier to have Divabetic on our side to help inspire and motivate us. 

PS: If you’re a guy, you’re special, too :)

Oh and if you’re a guy who has a girl, go tell her something nice.