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July and August Resolutions


I totally skipped May/June resolutions.  Busy months.  Yikes.  Let’s just go straight to July/August.

My July/August goal is to work on my book proposal.  But I have A1c Champions training and health coaching and some other diabetes advocacy related endeavors.  So instead I’m changing my goal to something I’m needing right now and that’s to exercise more.  I gain weight if I don’t do a lot of cardio (just the way I’m built I suppose) so though I have a lot of muscle tone, I need to jiggle off some fat before my frustration about said fat gets the best of me.  I plan on getting to the gym 3 times a week to do just cardio. Hold me to it.

Ana’s goal is to research graduate schools and programs.  This year she commences her senior year studying studio art and teaching and she has chosen to continue education.  Annie, consider this your reminder.  Hehe.

Anyway, if you’re new to my goal accomplishment system it’s called the 6 change method by Leo Babauta.  He is the widely popular blogger behind zenhabits.net.  Basically, you pick one change you want to make and focus on it for two consecutive months-plenty of time to make it a habit.

This method worked great for me last year and I’m excited to do it this year.  The blog adds a bit of accountability for me, too.  That, and I share it with my husband so he can help remind me of my goals.

Do you have a way of forming habits or making changes or accomplishing goals?  Share!

2012 March and April Resolutions

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It’s Fabulous Friday!  Self love sometimes means getting very disciplined about forming a new habit or completing a goal.  My type 1 sister, Ana and I are doing just that this year:

Ana’s January and February goal was to stretch every day.  She didn’t quite do it BUT her March/April Resolution was to test her blood sugar more often and she just so happened to do that all through January and February which is pretty awesome.  So now she’ll try to keep that up and stretch, too.

My Jan/Feb goal was to complete my little eBook:  “How to Start Your Own Diabetes Blog” and I did!  It really helped me to have a deadline on this and sufficient time to work on it without juggling 10 other goals.

For March and April I want to focus on healthy eating.  It’s not easy, particularly lately that I’m so busy, but I know it makes a huge difference in the way I think, feel, and manage blood sugars.

So what do you want to do by the end of April?

Have a great weekend!

New Year’s Resolutions for July and August

Thanks to Federico Stevanin for the cute photo!


July has just about gotten away from me and I am now realizing I was supposed to work on something specific this month and the next.

Using Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method, I have been using two months at a time to tackle one goal I have.  It worked great last year and it’s helping me out this year.

People knock New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t do them correctly.  It does no good to tell yourself “I will lose weight this year” because first, that’s not specific to any ACTION you are going to take and also, is this string of proclamations coming with some commitment and energy behind it?  Are you  literally going to try to tackle ten goals at once?  There is no method to that madness.

That’s why I love the 6 Changes Method.  It’s simple and focusing on one thing that I want to make into a habit for 2 months means I’m giving my new goal a real shot.

For May and June I wanted to wake up early and focus on creating.  My twins do not let me get much done during the day.  They are both very physically active and you can bet that one will be on the dinner table about to leap into the air in an attempt to grab the chandelier if I don’t constantly keep my eye on him (yes, I’m talking about you, Henri).  My blog is my creative outlet, my passion, and what probably keeps me sane so I didn’t want to neglect it.  Therefore, getting up early and getting the writing out of the way as well as my exercise has proved the best change I’ve done all year.  We’re talking about a life changing change!  It’s not easy because I am not a morning person but I’m starting to enjoy the peace and quiet I get when it’s just me and the “taka taka taka” of the keyboard.

For July and August my goal was to get into the habit of exercising every day.

I’ve skipped a few days this month but only a few and I’ve been running, getting on the elliptical, and doing yoga.  I just need to keep it up.  It’s challenging lately because Alex leaves for work at 6am and gets home at 6pm.  Yesterday in fact, he got home past 8pm.  By the time we put the kids down and do some house maintenance, it’s really late.  But this is no excuse, I need to work to get things done so that come 4 or 5am every day, I’m rested enough to get up and get on with my routine.

I have to keep my blood pressure stable so this exercising each day goal I have is a MUST.  Wouldn’t it be nice if exercise was like brushing teeth?  That’s what I’m going for, lol.  Wish me luck!

New Year’s Resolutions for May and June

Rockin Robin courtesy of Tina Phillips

Rockin Robin courtesy of Tina Phillips


For March and April my goal was to get organized. 

The house is far from where I want it .  We did manage to throw out a lot of things we don’t need, therefore reducing clutter.  I learned that if I make it a workout, cleaning can go by pretty quickly.  I got one of the kids to help me with constantly picking up the living room (the boy helps, the girl prances about like a princess).  I am also getting less and less fearful about throwing things away or giving them away.  I grew up keeping all sorts of items because I could give meaning or think of a memory for anything.  Now, I’m learning to just let go of my attachment to material things.  It feels good to know that none of it really matters.  The best part about organizing is having diabetes related supplies all in one place for once.  I also have prescription expiration dates notedand prescription refills synchronized and hopefully this system will streamline the whole “diabetes stuff” related hassles. 

Anyway, onward to May and June!  My goal is to focus on creating.  I write for my blog every day, I write for other publications, I work on a forum, and I’m writing a book.  I’m also supposed to take care of the house and my twins during the day.  My kids being the most important job here means I have to focus on them during the day and find a time when they’re sleeping to work- instead of trying to do it while watching them.  It’s seriously a wonder I write at all considering so much of it is done with two little people on my lap trying to steal my mouse and delete my work.  So as much as I’m dreading it (because I treasure sleep) I know I’m going to have to wake up early every day to write.  Luckily, I’ve got two whole months to get into this habit.  Working at night is not a good option because the computer is in the bedroom and my husband goes to work early so this night owl needs to turn into an early bird. 

Any tips from any of you early risers?

New Year’s Resolution for March/April


My goal for January and February was to lose 10 pounds.  I lost 6 on the scale and my body has some shifted weight.  For example, clothes is tighter in places where I might have built more muscle, and looser in places where I’ve lost fat.  So although I didn’t hit my 10 pound goal, at least I’m moving in the right direction.  I’ve gained a lot of strength rather quickly by working out with the kettle bell and am currently strong enough to no longer buckle under the weight of my toddlers (Seriously, I feel like I could lift my husband off of the ground but he won’t let me attempt it).  I feel like Winter really isn’t the right time for weight loss goals.  It feels more like the right time to read on the couch with a cup of coffee while wearing some warm socks.  I’ll stick with the kettle bell and see what else happens.

Anyway, for March and April my goal is to get organized.  I’m tempted to post pictures of my room here for you to see and believe but my husband and other family members read this blog and they might be mortified.  So for everyone’s sake, you’ll have to take my word on this.  I’m pretty much sloppy, my husband works a lot of hours, and that last comment really is no excuse.  Things have to change.  I’m taking two whole months to focus on this, maybe starting one room at a time?  Are any of you a sort of neat freak that can offer me tips?  Anyone have suggestions on minimalism?  I’d like to get rid of a lot of useless stuff but don’t even know where to start.

Sidenote:  I call them resolutions, but you can call it a goal, change, new habit, or an improvement.  The key is to not stand still this year.  Make something better.  And don’t say you can’t.  Because then you won’t.

2011 New Year’s Resolutions


“When you are through changing, you are through.”

~Bruce Barton

Using Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method, I plan on the following changes this year:

January/February  Lose 10 Pounds

I utterly and completely bombed on my “lose 20 by Christmas” goal that began last August.  These last few months coincided with the most financially straining months my husband and I have ever had and to make ends meet, we ate more carbs.  And carbs don’t help a type 1 diabetic lose weight.  We’re doing better now and instead of putting pressure on myself to lose 20 pounds I’m going to go for a modest 10.  The plan will be to eat low carb so I don’t have to give a lot of insulin which according to the law of small numbers, equals better blood glucose control and better weight management.  Let’s see how I do.

March/April  Get organized

I’m a mess.  A scatterbrained mess.  I’ve made my bed about 5 times in my entire life and don’t know how to keep a room tidy.  This must change.  I don’t want my kids to grow up not knowing how to be neat.  Plus, it is such a psychological help to see things clean and cleared. 

May/June  Focus on creating

At the beginning of each day I want to wake up before the kids do and focus on writing.  Not checking emails or the weather, but first, writing.  This one task will help me to a much larger goal in life and so I see it of upmost importance.  With all the internet distractions available, it’s also not easy.

July/August  Exercise every day

I forget to maintain discipline for exercise.  It’s a wonder too, because it really is the only way I feel healthy.  It’s the only way I keep my blood sugars level and the only way my digestion stays regular.  So for these reasons and countless others I want to take the middle of the year to focus on exercising every day, even if just for 15 intense minutes.

September/October   Quit biting nails

This seems pretty silly and perhaps sad.  The thing is, I’m a nervous person and I tend to cling to nervous habits.  I’ve been biting my nails since age 6.  That’s a long term habit if I ever had one.  So I’m going to stop it once and for all.  You know why now?  Because my daughter and son are mimicking me trying to bite their nails.  Yikes.  We teach mostly by actions we parents, and this is one thing I don’t want my kids to learn.

November/December  Floss every day

Another simple and small change that shouldn’t require 2 months of commitment to do.  Yet, it does.  I can’t seem to remember to floss-ever!  I know it’s important and can eventually save 7 years of my life in the end.  I picked these two months because I figure these busy months could use a small, easy, change :)

Well those are my 6 changes, what are yours?  Here’s to our best year ever!

And a Happy New Year…


Change always comes bearing gifts

~Price Pritchett

As I sit stranded at home thanks to the lovely snow I can’t help but think about the future.  I’m asking myself what I want out of 2011.  A few days before the new year is an excellent time to think about what you want to do differently next time around.  What did you do or not do in 2010 that you would change?  Ask yourself this question and be brutally honest with your answer.  Write it down.  Ask yourself why you did some of the things you did.  Think about why you didn’t do some things.  Narrow your list down to 6 changes you want to make.

This is Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method.  I did it last year and for the first time did I actually achieve some New Year’s Resolutions.  Finally.  I’d been trying to do this since I was little and each year my resolutions would just float away like a kite string I allowed to slip through my fingers.  2010 was full of steady improvement for me and it felt good.  There is still MUCH to improve upon and change and better so I’m excited to come up with my 6 changes this week. 

I’ll be posting them January 1st.  I strongly encourage you to try this method of producing a new habit.  It works because you spend two consecutive months focusing on just one new change at a time.  6 in a year, total.  And because you’re not overwhelmed trying to do 10 different things at once, chances are you’ll succeed. 

Seriously, try it.  Take the next few days to think of 6 changes you want to make in 2011 and we’ll go from there.  And don’t worry that something like flossing your teeth is too small a change.  Flossing is extraordinarily important because when we get older, a gum infection can help take years off of our lives.  And that, as opposed to simple flossing, is a big deal, no?  So don’t worry about trying to make enormous changes, focus on making meaningful changes that you know will have far-reaching, long-lasting effects on your life.

I hope you just had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday with the ones you love. 

Here’s to a wonderful upcoming New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions for September and October

It’s that time again.  During the last two months my resolution was to get more social.  How did I do?  Ummmm…this was really tough for me.  Here in Virginia (and many other places) we had a killer of a summer.  Getting out with twin babies in 90 degree heat is not easy since they overheat quickly. 

My husband also spent a few weeks commuting an hour to and from work…two less hours each day that we had him around.  I don’t go out without an extra hand since carrying two babies down three flights of stairs is a bit tough to manage. 

So I thought, what can I do to be more social?  I tried reaching out more to the online diabetes community.  This may seem easy but, it really isn’t.  It takes time and patience.  I’ve emailed with a few fellow diabetics and added a few more friends to the facebook account.  I’ve also caught up with a handful of people from high school.  I’m hoping I took a few steps in the right direction.  Part of what makes me hesitant to invite people over are my daughter’s allergies.  It makes me a bit nervous since I have everyone take of their shoes when they come in and wash their hands before touching her.  And I hate to bother people.  (I’m the girl that won’t call you because she doesn’t want to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing).  It’s silly, I know.

Well enough about that.  For September and October my resolution will be to go on a low information diet.  This inspiration came from  The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. 

Basically, it is about minimizing the time spent absorbing unnecessary information from newspapers, the radio, TV, and internet. 

Honestly, I’m already on a pretty low info diet.  I only watch a little bit of select TV on the computer and don’t have cable.  This means my husband and I plan out a show or two to watch, sit down and watch it and it’s done.  No channel surfing, no wasting time watching stuff we really aren’t enjoying. 

I don’t talk much on the phone and I don’t listen to the radio or read the paper but, I do occasionally waste time on the internet.  I check email too often (and I’ve got 4 different accounts).  I also have “stumbled upon” Stumble Upon.  This is a social media tool where you select your topics of interests and then use the tool bar to click on the word “Stumble”.  This in turn takes you to a random website within the topics you’ve selected.  I can’t describe the joy I get from Stumbling around getting pleasantly surprised by wonderful internet discoveries. 

You might be thinking, why is this such a negative habit?  It isn’t so much negative as it is simply not in line with my goals.  I have plenty of goals throughout the day and not a lot of time to achieve them.  Wasting any time means some of the things I want to accomplish each day do not get accomplished.  So as picky as it sounds I want to streamline my daily activities by being on a low information diet.  The repercussions of not cleaning the bathroom are larger than they seem. Sigh…

What is better for the world?  That I am up to speed on all the recent headlines on CNN or that I write my book about diabetes and give something of value to fellow diabetics out there?  The truth, as Tim Ferris has pointed out in his book, is that we typically aren’t going to do anything about what we hear in the news.  Someone got murdered states away, are you going to go help out the family?  My guess is no.  But, you’ll probably be a great contributor to society if you work on your most important tasks during the day and achieve your ultimate goals.  At least you’ll be more happy having accomplished things and God knows we need more happy people on this earth.

So there is my philosophy about that.  My goal is to work more on cooking for the family (something I’m bad at because I hate how 2 hours of cooking gets gobbled up in 5 minutes) and cleaning the house (sooo necessary right now) and writing my articles and book (one of my top priorities). 

So here we go, let’s see how I do!

Side note:  For those of you just getting in on my resolutions, I have been changing one habit of mine every two months using Leo Babauta’s Six Changes Method.  It works great!  This is the first year I have felt I’m actually sticking with my resolutions AND not feeling overwhelmed by them.  I highly recommend it! 

Remember, we are much more successful when we replace a bad habit with a good one instead of just trying to stop a bad habit without having something to fill the void.