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No D Day Post-My Top 10 Beauty Products List


You might hate me for this.  I might hate me for this.  But you know what?  I think most of us like beauty products.  It’s a billion dollar industry in the US alone and I’m not the only one buying ;)  So today for No D Day, where we don’t talk about our chronic condition, I’m going to stroll down vanity lane.  Don’t forget, I’m from Venezuela-land of what I like to call “Beauty Effort”.  In other words, people aren’t more attractive there-they just spend more time and effort making the most of what they’ve got.

So here is a list of my top 10 beauty products put together through countless, shameless hours of testing:  (share yours in the comments please I’m always on the lookout and ready to learn more!)

10.  Round boar bristle brush.  I don’t care so much about the brand name I just care that it’s boar bristle and easy to hold.  Works like a charm and is gentle on the scalp and distributes oils to the rest of the hair for maximum shine and hair health.  The round aspect is great for volume while blow drying hair.

9.  Lip Stain- Revlon makes a great one.  It’s a nice way to perk up lip color and make it look natural-looks like you just ate some strawberries!  It also feels like it’s not there which is a great plus.  I also like the natural, matte look of it.  Sometimes the shininess of gloss is tiring.

8.  Maybelline Color Tattoo.  Creamy eye shadow that doesn’t budge for over 24 hours.  Comes in the most gorgeous colors.  Perfect for Fall.  (Yes, I sound like a cheesy Allure columnist, oh well).

7.  Lacquer Liner 24 hour L’Oreal Infallible.  Amazing.  Seriously.  It’s the only eye liner that I’ve ever described as “success!”.  No smudging, no leaking into the eye.  And the brush is pure genius.  I’m really lousy with having a steady hand and even I manage this like a pro.  The black is really harsh so don’t be afraid of the slate or bronze-they are very bold and pretty but great for those of us who are no longer 21 years old.

6.  Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.  I’m lazy about washing my face at night (how to keep water from going all over the sink, down one’s neck and elbows is beyond me) so I use these wipes.  They work so well and I think they help exfoliate, too.  I keep one corner of the wipe clear each night to use in the morning when the little remaining eye make up has smeared down under my eyes.  Ya know, just so I stay classy.

5.  Bronzer.  Used correctly, it works miracles.  Figure out how to contour your unique face shape.  This stuff is excellent when you feel pale and sickly, to just bring back some glow.  But don’t over do it.

4.  St. Tropez Self Tanning Mouse.  I don’t use it often so it lasts me well over a year (which is good because it’s the most expensive thing on this list).  It’s awesome though.  It looks great on all skin types-even really dark skinned girls, because it gives a warm and healthy glow.  It’s probably carcinogenic so I don’t recommend using it all the time.  But for example, for an event where there is a dress involved, this stuff makes getting ready seem more effortless.

3.  L’Oreal Ellnet Satin Hairspray.  It’s not cheap, it’s not found in small towns sometimes, but it’s great stuff because you can brush your hair after applying it and have hold with neat looking hair that still moves a plenty!  Or you can do what I do and just use it to hold hair’s volume after a blow dry.  (I’ve lost lots of my hair over the past decade so this makes up for it!)

2.  Mascara.  Ya know, I don’t have a favorite brand.  I suppose I haven’t found it.  But, I don’t go without it very often, it’s just too fun.  In fact, I try a different brand every few months just for kicks.

1.  Lip liner.  If you’re like me, your lips are on the thin side.  Which is fine except mine are also not very defined and tend to just blend into my skin.  SO, nude lip liner it is.  Revlon Colorstay Natural to be exact.  It really makes a difference.  Just be sure not to go outside the lip line.  That look isn’t in and never will be.  And my dear fellow Latinas…please stop the light lipstick and dark liner thing.  Just stop.

Last but not least, a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way:

1.  Don’t over pluck brows.  Magazines constantly reiterate this for a reason-we all need the reminder.  Leave well enough alone!  Brows are most gorgeous when their natural shape is retained because that natural shape was made by nature for your face and your face alone.

2.  If you don’t like wearing make up, don’t wear it!  I say cheers to you, sister and don’t even begin to apologize.  Just do me a favor and be sure to moisturize.

3.  Similarly, if you do love wearing make up, don’t be ashamed.  One of the most calming things for me is to put on make up.  It’s like a creative outlet.  There are so many colors and techniques!

4.  There are a lot of rules out there.  Break em’.  Wear white after labor day, red lipstick to the grocery store, and no make up to a party.  If you’re happy with it, nothing else matters.

5.  A way to save skin from aging is to stay moisturized. And as much as I like to use natural products, unfortunately coconut oil or organic lotions don’t do much for my scaly dry skin so I use Vaseline Intensive Care.  That said, if coconut oil works for you, awesome.

Last comment:  Go out and learn what colors, make up techniques, hair color, and jewelry flatter you.  It’s a great way to love exactly who you are because it’s about supporting what you already have instead of trying to cover it up or completely change it.

My favorite website that has free info on how to figure out your best colors, make up techniques, hair color, jewelry, style, hats, etc, is thechicfashionista.com.  There you can get tons of guidance for free and take some time to appreciate your unique sense of beauty.

This post wasn’t so shallow, was it?

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No D-Day 2011 Meme

sysymorales 021

I know what you’re thinking.  Someone had a little too much fun with the photo editor.

Thanks to George at Ninjabetic for this idea!  To check out more No D Day Posts, click here!

For today I simply did a MEME, here goes:

  1. Do you wish upon stars? No, but I did as a child.  And I believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny for as long as I could.
  2. What color pants are you wearing?  Medium dark jeans
  3. What are you listening to right now? The Man Who Sold the World- Nirvana
  4. What was the last thing you ate? Blueberries
  5. If you were a crayon, what would you be?  Definitely Navy Blue.  
  6. How is the weather now? Don’t know…kinda cool, probably nice fall day.
  7. Favorite sport? Soccer, I used to eat, breathe, and dream it.  Still do sometimes…
  8. Do you wear contacts? Yes, gladly, seeing as the other day the optometrist took my glasses off, had me stare at the far wall and said, “Read the smallest line”.  That’s when I almost broke into tears and said through hard squinting, “I can’t see anything!”  She was like, “aww…here are your glasses back” lol
  9. Favorite month? I make this call based on the real events of the month therefore I can’t tell you until December 31st.  Strange, I know.
  10. What was the last movie you saw?  Happiness is a warm blanket, Charlie Brown.  Love it.
  11. What was your favorite toy as a child? I remember reallyyy liking my real microscope.  And I will always cherish the original Nintendo.  Even though my brother sold it.  I bought another and he sold that one, too.  Grrghh….
  12. How many states have you lived in? Technically 2 or 3…but mostly 1.
  13. Favorite Disney character?  Hello!?  I named my daughter, Aurora :)
  14. What are you most afraid of?  the unknown!  Oh my gosh if I could just see ahead, that’s all I ask!
  15. Tell us about an era of your life that you really miss.  I know most people don’t miss high school and yes there was much I really despised about it, but I sometimes really miss high school.  I SO enjoy learning in a classroom surrounded by peers.  You all know how opinionated I am and how nerdy so you can probably imagine this.
  16. Tell us about your favorite year when you were a student.  I was in 10th grade.  I was managing my sugars decently that year because I was not extremely depressed.  I made pretty good grades.  I had my friends in most every class.  Alex and I had gym class together.  I loved my teachers.  I played on the Varsity soccer team.  Life was good.
  17. When did you laugh today?  This morning, Henri ran into the wall.  Aurora couldn’t help but find it really funny but while she giggled she fell down and this caused Henri to laugh at her.  Then they laughed together for a few minutes while I chuckled from afar. 
  18. What do you care about that you wish more people would?  manners!
  19. Is it easier for you to go without food or go without sleep?  Food.  I cherish sleep.
  20. What non-alcohol beverage do you enjoy drinking the most?  I equally enjoy lots of drinks. Hot cocoa, fresh juice, coffee, milk.  I just don’t necessarily drink them very often.
  21. When you walk into a room full of strangers, generally how is your confidence?  It depends on who they are!  Generally my confidence could use a boost however I can fake it I think.
  22. Do you tend to believe members of the opposite sex mostly behave the same way?  Generally?  Although I have witnessed that you can give a 2 year old boy a doll and his 2 year old sister a truck and they WILL switch items every time!  Amazing…
  23. Would you ever consider being a vegetarian?  Sure, I’m not one of those whose body thrives off of animal protein.  I am a strong believer that some people need it.  Those who disagree should consider that they don’t need it and therefore can say that easier than someone with a different body.
  24. What alcoholic beverage do you enjoy drinking the most?   Scotch Whiskey
  25. Do you think someone might be thinking poorly about you? Why might that be?  Since forever people tend to think I’m one way when really I’m the opposite.  So I would say that someone out there probably thinks I’m an insensitive know it all who pretends to have all her ducks in a row.  Reality:  I’m actually a nice, sensitive person, who only jokes about knowing it all (there is a difference), who shares what works for her and admits to all her shortcomings quite regularly.  I’m even quite fond of self deprecating humor for goodness sakes.
  26. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?  Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford University 2005.  GREAT STUFF.
  27. Is there something that you could never give up? My computer aka “The World at my fingertips”.
  28. Would you, (or did you) prefer a small, intimate wedding reception, or a big-scale, over-the-top reception?  My husband preferred something small and intimate.  I am not opposed to a grand over the top affair in my and someone else’s honor but was not willing to go in debt over it so we just had small and intimate.
  29. What’s bothering you right now?  My tea is cold :(
  30. What were you doing at 12 am last night? Chatting incessantly to Alex until he suddenly threw the covers over his head in desperation.  lol It was so funny.  I said, “Why didn’t you just say you wanted to go to sleep?”  I discovered he didn’t want to be mean and say “could you please stop talking now?” lol  Bravo honey, the covers move certainly sent me the message.
  31. Was this summer a good one? How warm was it where you live?  I’ve had better ones.  It was too hot and humid, yuck!
  32. Tell us the best thing about your current or most recent S/O.  What you see is what you get.  Is he smiling but secretly upset?  Nope.  Is he fake laughing?  Nope.  Is he full of flowery compliments each day?  Nope.  Does he promise me everything?  Nope.  But when he smiles, laughs, gives a compliment, and makes a promise, I know I can believe him.
  33. What is one of your quirks?  Hmm…when I’m upset I tend to always cut my own hair.  This often yields semi tragic results.  Why couldn’t I just clean when I’m upset like normal people?
  34. Best email ever:   Well the other day a woman emailed me saying she thought of me and Alex as a real life Princess and Prince.  She said it has nothing to do with money, fame, power, but grace, strength, and character and she thinks we have those things.  When Alex came home I had on a Halloween Tiara and said “Guess whaaat’s trueee?!”  LOL  It was very sweet though.  Very.