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If You Do One Productive Thing Today, Let it Be This

Today, it’s Friday and we’re excited about the upcoming weekend.  Maybe we have big plans for Saturday night.  Maybe today we’ll relax at home with our loved ones.  We’ll give another shot or change another infusion set and check our blood sugar 6-10 times.

But somewhere out there is a little girl who is going to make her daily 10 mile trek in bare feet just to receive her insulin shot at a small clinic and have her blood sugar tested.  She’ll only get one shot today and one blood sugar test.  Who knows how she’ll make it through the day.

And somewhere else a person is winging their diabetes because they were never informed about carb counting and have no way of knowing how much insulin to give at any given time.

And somewhere, perhaps closer still, is a boy whose mom has to quit work because there is no one at her son’s school legally capable of giving him his life-saving medication.

We want to get President Obama to show up at the United Nations Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) in September where he is not planned to attend.  It would send a strong message if he attended to push for better treatment for people with diabetes.  This means access for everyone, in our country and abroad to all the equipment and medicine we need to not only survive, but thrive with diabetes.  This means getting adequate information and education to those with diabetes about how to take care of themselves.  And this means equal and just treatment in the workplace and at school for adults and children with diabetes.

It’s in all of our best interest to support this. 

The International Diabetes Federation is willing to print out the postcards to mail to the White House if we just electronically sign a card online.  Go here to do this.

Be part of the solution.

And have a fantastic Friday :)