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28 Things I’ve Learned in My 28 Years











Today I turn 28.  Wow.  Last year 27 still seemed quite far from 30 but 28?  I have this thing for even numbers and especially two…and in my mind I’m basically 30 now.  Ha ha.  It’s alright.  I actually thought I’d focus on what living 28 years has given me-and that is, lot’s to learn!

1.  I was pulled out of the birth canal via tongs or whatever that harsh metal tool is called.  Even then I was a little timid, but you can’t let that stop you from getting out there!

2.  My brother was born and for the next 20 years or so I would be bugged every. single. day.  What a lesson in patience. 

3.  My mom accidentally cut my hair into a mullet.  For real.  But that didn’t stop me from happiness.  It probably would today.

4.  My family was still new in the US and I realized that my parents did a big thing bringing me here.

5.  I travelled to Venezuela to visit for the first time since I was a year old and learned that the world is HUGE.  I also went to Disney World that year and when Mickey Mouse blew me a kiss, I learned I was a hopeless romantic.  Sigh.

6.  Riding a bike is awesome fun and also counts as exercise, how great is that?

7.  I moved from an apartment to a house and learned that having a big back yard helps make friends.

8.  I realized that the best way to spend a long, hot summer day was reading a good book.

9  At this point I learned my mom was super woman because when I turned 9, my brother was 7, my sister 2, my other sister 1.  It was little kid crazy town and yet mom still went outside to play tag with us. 

10.  It was around this age when I realized my dad was super man because after my brother leapt for a football on the neighborhood street and busted some part of his face on the asphalt, my dad surprised me by sprinting while carrying my brother who was gushing blood, all the way down the street and to the car like he was a baby.  Off to get stitches.  That same year I fell asleep on the couch while sick and magically awoke on the top of my bunk bed.  How did my parents do it?

11.  I was diagnosed with diabetes and found more strength than I thought I had.

12.  I realized I could make honor roll at school and play three sports year round, despite diabetes.

13.  I went to Miami, where my parents almost moved us and thought, “Wow, look at what I’m missing!  There must be a good reason we ended up where we did instead..”

14.  Note to new parent self:  14 is a confusing time.

15.  When friends and I at school randomly danced around the library during study hall, I learned that loving life is all about the small things.

16.  Note to new parent self:  16 is even worse.

17.  My little brother was two and brought a house full of arguing kids a lot of joy.  I learned that joy comes in interesting packages.

18.  When three friends died, I realized I was not a kid anymore.

19.  I realized college was still like High School and that many adults are like big kids.

20.  I made myself work jobs I was bad at to see if I could push myself.  I learned it’s just best to do what you love when possible.

21.  Going to a club with friends was strangely thrilling.  Something about going out at night instead of getting home.  Hey this getting old thing is fun!

22.  I looked at my longtime friend Alex one day and suddenly it hit me that I was in love with him.  Hey! Maybe this is why I didn’t end up in Miami.

23.  Note to new parent self:  23 can be just as confusing as 14 and 16!

24.  Planning a wedding is what I call hell and I will never do it again.  Alex is ok with that.

25.  But getting married is fun!  I learned I didn’t have to be a princess all the time.  I bought my wedding dress on Ebay for $35 and it was gorgeous.

26.  I learned once again, when my twins were born, that I had much more strength than I ever imagined.  Also, life can surprise you at any moment.

27.  I found the DOC and felt a ton of weight lift off my shoulders.  I learned I don’t have to carry this burden alone.

28.  Overall I look better now than I did at 18.  How cool is that?  Onward with the aging!

Thank you for all the email and facebook birthday wishes, everyone.  It really brightens up my day.  Thank goodness for you all!