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Malnourished and Overweight

Practically Void of Nutrients, (Courtesy of digitalart)


Many of us suffer from malnourishment.  It’s one big reason we may overeat.  We eat too many foods that don’t nutritionally satisfy our bodies and as a result we’re left hungry.

To many outsiders, the solution seems to be to “well, then stop overeating” but as we discussed here before, why does anyone think that a hungry person would just stop eating?  Hunger is a very strong sensation and we’re built to obey it.  So that tactic isn’t going to work for long.

Often, the root of the problem is a diet high in processed foods.  Vitamin and mineral content is low in these foods and so you have to eat large amounts of it to feel satisfied.  When your body gets what it needs, feelings of satiety settle in.  Sometimes the body doesn’t get what it needs and we’re left feeling stuffed and anxious because our bodies still feel like something is “missing”.

But then what is the way to fix the problem?  Take a multi-vitamin?  That could be a start.  How about trying to fill up on whole foods so that the body begins getting what it needs.  For someone on an unhealthy diet, I’d recommend eating whole foods and not worrying about which ones for a time being.  For example, are you craving berries?  Have berries.  Craving potatoes?  Try potatoes.  Just stick to real food by avoiding food that comes in any kind of box or sealed package.

Over time your body will fill up faster because it’s getting what it has needed all along.

Last but not least?  Get a bottle you can constantly keep with you for sipping on water throughout the day.  Sometimes we eat and eat and eat and really our body is like, “Yo! I’m just thirsty!”

So moral of the story today:  Instead of trying to eat less, replace.what you eat with whole food alternatives.  Make it so you’re too full for junk food.