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Too Much, Too Soon


The pow wow in the center of the room ended early due to sleepiness

The pow wow in the center of the room ended early due to sleepiness


I’m talking about freedom.  One week ago, my toddlers had their cribs converted to toddler beds.  Today, they sleep soundly in their cribs once more.  Friday night around 10pm my husband and I went into their bedroom to check on them and see how they were sleeping in their beds and we found them in the middle of the room, on the floor.

A few hours later I HAD to see them again and I was startled when my son sleep walked from the floor to his bed, teddy bear in hand.  He didn’t even notice me.  That was weird.  Then I look around in the dark for my daughter to find her several feet away from where she was before, face down on the carpet, under the window.  I checked her breathing and pulse the way I often do since becoming the most paranoid mama in the history of the universe.  Then I scooped her up and laid her in her bed.

I walked back to my bedroom shaking my head.  I was worried about someone jumping from the crib and getting hurt.  Then my husband said, “I think this was too much, too soon.”  He’s right.  Our kids couldn’t handle so much newfound freedom quite yet.  I’m just going to have to limit idle crib time so no one gets any ideas.

This has nothing do with diabetes except that it does.  These little stresses in life distract from diabetes management and wreak havoc on my blood sugars by altering my hormones.  For real!  My blood sugars were higher this past week with my kids being “loose” from their cages cribs than they’ve been in a long time. 

Right now my tiny tots are asleep on cozy matresses instead of the floor and I’m actually eating lunch while sitting.  It’s great for me, them, and my blood sugars :)