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Diabetic or Person with Diabetes?


I’m still relatively new to the Diabetes Online Community because although my blog is a few months shy of two years old, my entire first year of blogging coincided with my twin babies and their first year so I didn’t have a lot of extra time to read other blogs. 

So since I’ve been reading a lot of different diabetes websites and blogs I’ve noticed some people say “diabetic” and some are very set on saying instead, “person with diabetes”.

I have been accustomed to saying “diabetic” and continue to say it because it’s shorter than “person with diabetes”.  The shortest route is abbreviating “person with diabetes” into “PWD” but I personally don’t like using abbreviations, although I don’t mind reading them.  For some reason I can’t help but think of “POW” when I read “PWD”.  My husband does, too. 

The point of this post is to ask the questions, Which do you say and why?  And Is there a particular reason “person with diabetes” is used in place of “diabetic” or the other way around?  I need to be filled in.  So far I’ve had no problem referring to myself as a diabetic.  The term doesn’t offend me.  I’ve been described as “eclectic”, “Hispanic”, “romantic”, and “chocoholic” and those also don’t bother me.  But maybe there is something I’m not aware of?  Help me my dear “d-peeps”.  I want to understand.