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Check Anywhere and Anytime You Need To

April 2012 103


Sometimes I hesitate to check my blood sugar because it seems inconvenient based on my location or what I’m doing.  But really, a high or low blood sugar that’s not caught in time is the real inconvenience.  So check, test, and measure your blood sugar when you need to.  It’s A-Okay.

Oh and generally, the same can be said for diaper changes ;)


April 2012 105


I hope you had a great Easter!

I’ll be in DC for a few days with WEGO Health for the DTC Conference, will post again on Friday! XOXO

Test for blood sugar, how to do it in public places


Testing your blood sugar in public requires 2 important elements.

First of all, in order to not offend anyone (say, at a restaurant) you will want to place the meter on your lap instead of the table people eat off of. Also, when testing in public, use alcohol swabs. Someone getting a glimpse of this will think “sterility” and any fears they might have will be relieved. Let’s face it, you must test your blood sugar and removing any obstacles, such as worrying about what people think will ensure that you do what you gotta do.

When I am at work, I test on my lap as well. I work at a desk with a 1 ft high joke for a cubicle wall (no privacy). I test quickly, looking up while the meter is counting down, remaining discrete. A few months ago a coworker asked me if I knew anyone with diabetes and I told him I was a diabetic. He said, “Oh well, not the type where you test your blood and give shots right?” I was absolutely floored! I’ve been working NEXT to this guy for about a year and openly test my blood sugar and give injections numerous times at my desk every day and he hasn’t noticed? I asked him if he ever had seen me do any of these things and he said, “nope, really? You bleed at your desk?” So there. I think sometimes we are a little more worried than we need to be about taking care of ourselves in public.

Now for the second and most important of the two elements which will provide you the motivation to test whenever and wherever: Confidence. You need to be proud that you are taking care of yourself even if it means subjecting yourself to public reaction. If they see that you are not looking around all worried or paranoid and are looking up at them, perhaps flashing them a smile they may smile back and look quickly away. They might think to themselves, “Wow, I wonder why that woman has to do that, she seems happy”.

I have made sure I’ve portrayed confidence (whether I have felt it or not) and I have done my best at being polite and discrete. Yet, since regaining good control, I have never sacrificed my health for what people might think. I have found that using these two techniques have elicited certain remarks from people like, “You seem like you take very good care of yourself.”  I love hearing that because I do want to take good care of myself and I want to look like a healthy person doing my best to control my diabetes.