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Do you guess instead of test?

If you do you’re gambling with your health.  Here’s my story:

I did this for a whole year.  I tested maybe 50 times one year.  Really.   Amazingly, my A1c stayed between 6% and 6.5%.  (Read on to find out why this wasn’t a reason to celebrate in my case).

I didn’t mean to not test.  I was particularly depressed about 8-9 years ago.  I was having panic attacks and a sure fire way to one was to test.  So I didn’t.

I went by “feeling” what my blood sugar was.  This works to some extent but I don’t recommend it and it doesn’t come close to replacing testing with a meter. 

We diabetics go through the same motions over and over again so of course it is tempting to “guess and test”.  We have had a blood sugar reading of 200 countless times and by now almost swear up and down we know what it feels like.  We also know what a low blood sugar feels like. 

Yet, I’ve found that for me personally, about 20% of the time I’m wrong!  This has led to a large amount of unnecessary highs and lows.  These feel worse than others because they were preventable and so I tend to kick myself when I let these happen.

So my reminder to you is that your best tool (aside from insulin of course) is your meter.  It may not be as accurate as we like.  It may not be convenient to carry with you (guys, we gals feel you on this one seeing as you don’t carry purses…).  But, the truth of the matter it is a wonderful thing to know what your blood sugar is before you do anything like give insulin or eat some sugar. 

You will probably find that cutting out this bad habit will positively affect your A1c.  And you know what?  You’re A1c might be the same but it will reflect where you normally stand blood sugar-wise instead of showing an average of lots of highs and lows-as my A1c did that awful year.  I wasn’t proud of those A1c’s.

So let this serve as a helpful reminder to replace this bad habit with the good habit of testing often or as needed.  Definitely don’t do what I did.  I consider it a miracle that I’m even here telling you about it.