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Big Things in 2012 and Diabetes Interview Week


Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you and your families and friends are doing great and feeling rested from the holiday season.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m so excited about 2012.  I feel like this year will bring some amazing new experiences.  In April I’ll be in D.C. as a judge/panelist representing WEGO health activists at a big conference.  Then in May I’ll be in Raleigh for the Diabetes Sisters Conference and so will Alex because he’s helping out with the first ever Diabetes Sisters Partner’s Perspective Program.  Women attending the conference can now bring along their partners, which I think is a fantastic idea!  In June, my kids will turn three years old  The older they get the more I feel like myself again (phew it’s about time).

This year I’ll be launching my health coaching business and I want to focus on women with diabetes.  I’ll also be actively pursuing publishers for my book.  I’ve been taking my time with that because of my kids being so young but now feels like the right time.  All this is almost enough to make me duck under the covers.  But if there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that we must do that which excites and scares us each day in order to actually gain anything worthwhile in life.  Starting this blog scared me senseless and took up every ounce of my free time and yet, thanks to all of you it’s been one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done and has directed me to my purpose in life-to support people with diabetes.

So many people have inspired and helped me to recapture my health throughout the years and I want to serve others in that way.  That may mean sharing what I’ve learned or passing on a great tool I’ve heard about.  Or it may mean interviewing someone who inspired me or broadened my view in hopes they will do the same for you.  Speaking of interviews, this week will feature a few interviews that I think you’ll really enjoy.  I had so much fun talking to these people and learned so much.  Stay tuned for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Cheers to you and your health.  Whether you know it or not, you’re already amazing and fabulous and only steps away from all the things you want in life.  If you don’t believe me, it’s ok, I’ll keep repeating myself until you do :)

Thanks for reading,


We’re in Diabetes Forecast Magazine!


I’m supposed to be all cool and say “hey everyone, why not check us out, we’re in Diabetes Forecast”, but I can’t!

In truth, I’m flipping out because I remember thinking “wow…” to all the inspiring stories I read in each issue as a child with diabetes.  So to be in it…is kind of totally amazing!

We’re in an article talking about teamwork in this December 2011 issue and we’d be so honored if you read it:

Teamwork:  Banding Together to Tackle Diabetes

By the way, thank you for reading.  Without you this blog is an awfully lonely place!

Fabulous Friday: The Star of Your Own Movie



A wise person once told me they have always thought of themselves as “the star of their own movie”.  I will keep their name a secret.  But think about that for a moment: the star of your own movie.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I think it’s a rich way to view life.  After all, why do we want loved ones with which to share time?  People to communicate with?  Because we want a witness in our lives.  Someone to know what we’re doing, feeling, and thinking.  Someone to see us, care about us, feel for us, cheer for us.  We feel accountable and meaningful in life when we know people are paying attention to us.

There are times when we feel either alone or in a rut with those around us, or both, and as a result we may settle into mediocrity.  We are no longer trying so hard to sparkle for those around us because we don’t feel like doing so for ourselves.  We don’t give 100%.  We think, “what’s the point?”  I’d venture out to say that most people go through this sometimes.  And that’s when I think it’s a cool thought to live like we’re the star of our own movie.  Because if this is true (and it is, right?) then we do care, we do try, we do give 100%.  We try to look our best, to work hard, to do the right thing, to give priority to that which deserves priority.  Ok, so that’s more or less what happens in a movie where you, the protagonist is a good person.  But, you are!  Everyone is, deep down.

Just for kicks, try imagining yourself as the star of your own movie for one day.  Your peers, family, and friends are all watching you.  They are getting inspired and enthralled and deeply affected by what you do.  They are cheering you on.  They are hoping, praying things will go your way.  They want you to succeed.  They cry with you.  They laugh with you.  They feel your pain.  You are open, honest, caring, gutsy, and you get up every time you fall.  And people forgive you when you mess up because they’re aware of your painful journey, your obstacles, your past, and the will you have to reach your goals.

Some might try this idea and out of personal belief, focus on how God is watching them.  Others feel a closeness with all of the other searching souls out there in the Universe.  Or you might just try to impress yourself with your fearlessness, your guts, your strength, and the goodness that is innately a part of you.  You are the star of your own movie.  And you can be whatever you want to be and achieve whatever outcome you dream of.  Each of our lives is a best picture and each one of us is a star.  If only we thought of ourselves as highly as we think of our favorite celebrity.  If only we realized our potential.

Welcome to Fabulous Fridays


We women are something else.  We often try to do it all and be it all.  We often put our partners and children first, our families and friends and jobs first, and worry a lot over a billion different things each day.  And it’s no wonder.  I think today more than ever, we’re expected to work, raise children, keep a house, be a great host, be interesting, stay fit, do what we love, cook a knock-out meal, and look glamorous all the while.  It’s not realistic, it’s too much, and I don’t know about you but even before I had kids, I found myself cracking a little underneath the pressure to be so many things.

I felt a lot of relief when I put more focus on self love.  For many, the concept of self love seems quite selfish.  The idea however, is that we appreciate ourselves for who we are.  This includes embracing the good and the bad-yes even the bad, because that’s the only way to take care of the dark parts of ourselves and allow the light to triumph.  This means we can be honest about who we are and who we are not and become more aligned with our true selves.  And that means we can stop feeling so much pressure to be everything.

Personally, I’m on a journey to come to terms with who I am and am not and so far it’s been liberating.  Doing this reveals our authentic self and the more I do that, the more people are accepting of me.  They’re like, “Oh yeah, this is YOU!”  Because our authentic self shines through whereas our fake or undiscovered self always seems a little off or a little lost.

Ana and I will be supporting your path to self love each Friday by posting a short story, a picture, a quote, a fun tip, a question, a product we can’t live without, or an interview, etc.  But it will all focus on you and your path, or rather, our journey, to fully loving and accepting the fabulous women we already are.  I think that’s ultimately our key to the health, happiness, and joy we seek.

So thanks for reading and stay tuned!


What “The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes” Means



The title of my blog/website probably lends itself to confusion and debate.  So I’d like to disclose what exactly I intend for it to mean.

First of all, I came up with the title “The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes” about 8 years ago.  I was daydreaming about finding a book about diabetes that I would find helpful but also enjoyable.  I love “girl’s guide” books because they are written by women specifically for women (and tend to be fun to read).  At some point  I made a list of topics I would like to read about in a resourceful, fun, and soulful diabetes book.

I couldn’t find such a book and on a whim decided I’d write the darn thing.  I wrote several chapters but kept getting stuck because I didn’t feel ready.  I was still in a dark place regarding my life with diabetes.  I still had high A1c’s and I couldn’t discipline myself to even get out of bed most days.  I dropped out of college since all I did there was suffer anxiety attacks.  I couldn’t even test twice a day.  Twice a day was too hard.  I cried all the time and was filled with negative self-talk.  How was I going to encourage others when I couldn’t even encourage myself?

Eventually a series of findings (all of which are chronicled on this site) helped get me back on track and my entire life changed for the better.

Since part of what I want to include in the book is inspiration, I feel like I need to reveal all of my diabetes past.  I want to show how someone could go from very depressed and overweight with unmanaged diabetes to a much happier, healthier person with great blood sugar management. I want to share my journey in case it gives hope to those who find themselves feeling how I once did.  I just want to say, “You can do it.  Your path will be your own but you can improve.”  Because it’s not even about reaching some diabetes success summit.  It’s about getting to a better place than you are now.  Anyway,  I’m now back to work on that book. 

I have invited my sister Ana Morales, also a type 1 diabetic, to contribute to the blog whenever she wants for different reasons.  Firstly, she and I are very different.  She is a role model for me in humility and in the way she “lives and lets live”.  Ana is also about 8 years younger and in a different stage of life.  She is a great creative writer and artist and is following her dreams in studio art at James Madison University and thus offers a fresh perspective on life with diabetes.  Plus, I’m hoping she’ll contribute to and illustrate the book!

More than anything…

I just want to say that where the title of this blog says “guide” I do not mean for you to “do as I do” or to “think as I think”.  I am not trying to give the impression that I’m the diabetic “to follow” or someone with all the answers.  By no means.  I’m writing the book and I just so happened to think matching the title of the book with the blog was a good idea.  And on this website I am doing my best in trying to help our cause and welcome any contributions to that in the form of emails or comments.

What I do…

  • I try to post about topics I find worth mentioning. 
  • I advocate for diabetics everywhere by putting up my most brave and vulnerable thoughts so diabetics can relate and not feel so alone and so non-diabetics will be moved to help our cause or at the very least, understand us better.
  • I post comments every day on as many fellow diabetic blogs as I can in hopes that they will continue feeling supported to keep doing their fantastic writing and sharing and advocating. 
  • I post about issues in dire need of awareness because although my site traffic is not that of a huge website, I still figure it helps to do my small part in spreading word about important diabetes initiatives such as The Big Blue Test, for example. 
  • I interview diabetics who inspire me in hopes they’ll inspire those who read my site. 
  • I constantly try to make it clear when I’m not sure about something or when I’m just testing something out and I don’t have problems with differing opinions. 
  • I advocate strongly for every diabetic (every human being) taking responsibility for their actions.  I am insistent on this because only through taking responsibility for MY actions have I managed to come to a much better place in health and in life. 
  • I am moved easily and feel a great deal of empathy.  This makes me worry about everyone out there but also helps keep me motivated.  I feel at home with advocating for diabetics and I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for it.


So in closing…

If my website helps spread diabetes awareness, great.  If my blogging about a helpful initiative gets that cause more support, fantastic.  Most of all, my wish is that this site…

  • inspires you to learn more about your diabetes,
  • encourages you to take responsibility for your actions, and
  • motivates you to follow through with the right actions to reach your goals.


I’m learning a great deal through this website and it’s all because of you.

Thanks for reading.


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Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

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