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The Four Hour Body Experiment I

Courtesy of Africa

Courtesy of Africa


I recently wrote about Timothy Ferriss and his new book, The Four Hour Body

I’ve decided to try a number of things found in the book, one at a time, simply because I enjoy experiments more than I enjoy chocolate and because I thought I might learn something interesting.

In the book there is a chapter that amused me to no end in which Tim introduces readers to a device that, as he explains it, allows type 1 diabetic race car driver, Charlie Kimball to well…race cars.  This device is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System which Timmy wears for a while in order to conduct short experiments on his blood sugars.  He calls it an “implant” which made me giggle to read because I could just then imagine his fans being blown away by his amazing ability to forego comfort and convenience by actually “implanting” a device inside himself for the purpose of learning about his blood sugars.  I wonder how many guys read about this and said to themselves “this dude is hardcore!” 

I’ve enjoyed much of your work but you don’t fool me, Ferriss.

I know of tiny tots the size of your arm who wear and put up with the CGMS ALL the time.  I’m  happy you tried it out for the sake of experimentation but when you get asked about this, I’d really love it if you gave up a little wow factor and mentioned to your many fans that tons of diabetic children, teens, and adults wear a CGMS beyond several weeks or months.  Wearing it long term and trying to deal with it past the point of exhaustion and pain-now that is hardcore!  I’m just picking on you, Ferriss.

Now to get back to my experiment.  In the book, Tim-Tim discovers through using the CGMS and testing with a meter, that his blood sugars are consistently aided by having fresh lemon juice before or during meals.  He said doing this helped lower the glycemic index of food.  He had three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice just before eating and found it lowered blood sugar peaks by about 10%.  Not bad.  Since this was an easy and no risk thing to try I said, what the heck.

The Simple Experiment:

I had juice from one lemon (fresh squeezed into a glass of water) every day with or before my lunch.  I did this for 4 weeks.


My blood sugars 2 hours after breakfast and dinner averaged at 127.  My blood sugars 2 hours after lunch averaged at 99.  I must say I was surprised.

This wasn’t the great experiment that scientists would have conducted.  In fact it was quite crude but I stuck to it pretty well and recorded my data well.  Since drinking a little lemon juice during the day doesn’t have any negative side effects for me, I find this to be excellent news. 

What more, I found this to be an easy way to incorporate more fluid intake in my day because I prefer the taste of water with lemon to plain water.

Depending on your unique physiology, some people can have citrus juice and find it helps balance their body’s PH level (me) and others find it actually pushes their PH level in the wrong direction.  It’s important to listen closely to your body.  If something you eat or drink makes you feel lethargic or off afterwards, it may mean it doesn’t suit you well.  (Message to self: stop eating almonds)

Well, thanks for reading and stay tuned to the next Four Hour Body experiment involving something that has been proven to help blood sugars-cinnamon!  I want to find out just how much, if at all, it affects my blood sugars.  These experiments are very different when applied to type 1 diabetes so let’s keep that in mind.

Tim Ferriss and The 4 Hour Body


I don’t think I’ve ever said I’m a fan of anyone’s work…so here goes my first: I’m a HUGE fan of Timothy Ferriss’s work since his 4 Hour Work Week book came out several years ago.  He coined the phrase, “lifestyle design” and he has a lot of fun testing assumptions and finding out that a lot of what we’re lead to believe in our society just isn’t absolute truth-like that we must get a degree, be slaves to a job, and then retire when we’re old.  I’ve been inspired by a lot of what is in the book and would recommend it to anyone.  Tim just published The 4 Hour Body which I’m especially excited about.  He has made himself a human guinea pig for years and done something wonderful in the process: taken detailed notes about all of it.  This obsessive note taking along with connections to lots of intelligent people has produced some awesome and useful conclusions which he talks about in the book. 

It’s a book that is not to be taken as seriously as your doctor’s orders and yet I would encourage anyone to keep an open mind while reading, at the least-you’ll find him very amusing.  Since not everyone will buy the book…watch him here on The View as he explains his major discoveries featured in the book: (the first minute or two of the show is a bit explicit and not for children as he talks about sex and fertility, however the fertility info is pretty interesting as is the info about how a man can increase his testosterone levels.  Personally, I’m going to try the easy ice pack trick right away.  I’ll keep you posted! :)


By the way…was Barbara Walters in a bad mood or is it just me?