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While My Husband Loudly Snores


It’s 1:30 am and I’m waiting for my blood sugar to come down.  To spend my time constructively I’ve just composed a cover of that Beatles song…


I look at the time

Hear the clock tick and tocking

while my husband loudly snores

I wait for my blood

to stop being so sweet now

while my husband loudly snores

I don’t know whyyy, he snores so loudly

How can he breathe?

I don’t know howww, to make him stop it

I think I’m going to scream

I look at his mouth

watch his chest rise and falling

while my husband loudly snores

my blood sugar’s there

where I want it to be now

but still my husband loudly snores…




Wednesday Revisit: An interview with my husband


Wednesday revisit is meant to check the past because things change, we change, and information and opinion always needs reevaluation.  Plus, you may have not read the early posts!

Here I interview my husband after a year of marriage,  The topic is diabetes during the time we dated.  I was curious about his insight and thought I’d post it so that others might relate or get an idea as to what a partner might be thinking about us and our diabetes.

Oh and stay tuned, I’m going to interview him again and this time, tougher questions will be asked!

Originally posted on December 19th 2009,

An Interview with my Husband