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#HAWMC Feces Transplant Helps Pre Diabetics?



You say "mmm" your belly says"nooo"        Photo by Simon Howden
You say “mmm!” your belly says”nooo!”    Photo by Simon Howden



I’m still participating in Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge!  And today’s post prompt is to find a ridiculous headline or news about a cure for our disease and write what we think about it.  I had to read this article so I went ahead and read about the entire thing-not just the headline.

I found this:

Feces Transplant Helps Pre Diabetics With Insulin Sensitivity

For real.  And honestly, besides the cringe inducing factor-this makes sense.  We read more and more about how there seems to be a possible connection between type 2 diabetes and an imbalance in the gut.  Too much bad bacteria over the good bacteria caused from too much of the wrong foods or a sensitivity or allergy to certain foods.  This bacterial balance in the gut is SO important.  So when feces containing a better blend, so to speak, of good bacteria and bad bacteria, were transplanted into other men’s bowels (eww, I know) the men (who were obese and pre-diabetic) experienced improved insulin sensitivity.  They didn’t lose weight, however.  Yet, we know that many overweight people do not get type 2 diabetes.  There are other factors at play for sure.  And I think this study just helps to support that.  Many with type 2 diabetes are at a healthy weight.  With this study it’s too early to really tell anything but it’s certainly interesting.

Also interesting is it was suggested to me by a doctor that I give my newborns probiotics during their first few months of life to possibly minimize their diabetes risk by strongly supporting the healthy bacterial balance in their bellies.  And even now I try to watch out for foods that promote bad bacteria over good bacteria just in case it helps.  It’s one of the main reasons I limit processed foods and desserts with a lot of sugar.  I hope we learn more about this soon, don’t you?

One last question.  How did they find willing participants for this study?

Is it Insulin Resistance?


photo courtesy of JScreationzs
photo courtesy of JScreationzs


Insulin resistance is what happens to people which causes them to have type 2 diabetes right?  They make enough insulin but the body doesn’t utilize it properly so blood sugars go up.  I have type 1 diabetes but also a history of type 2 diabetes in my family.  I’m also Hispanic living in the United States which statistically makes me more prone to type 2 diabetes.  I can’t get type 2 now that I have type 1 but I can certainly develop insulin resistance. 

I think I’ve dealt with it before.  I remember in high school I suddenly went from 115 pounds all the way up to over 150 pounds.  I’m a tiny person so this was pretty dramatic and traumatic for me.  At the time my blood sugars were often pretty high.  I was very active throughout all this time in high school so I didn’t understand why I was gaining so much weight.  It seemed so unfair.  I ate like my friends and I exercised the same or more than they did and there I was, getting bigger and bigger. 

In college I got even heavier until I radically changed my diet (think lots of protein and veggies) and eventually shed lots of weight.   Next thing I knew I needed a lot less insulin to cover the same amount of carbohydrates and I had a much easier time managing my blood sugars. 

Lately, I’ve been getting these dark shadings on my skin in areas where there might be friction (bra strap, shoes) and I remember having those in high school.  Those markings can signify insulin resistance.  Seriously?  It’s back?  I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in a few weeks to discuss this and see what I can do.  I’m at a loss because I am not overweight anymore, although I could lose 20 pounds safely (If I want to look more like a model).  I eat pretty healthy and I don’t overeat-and I exercise.  Oh and my blood sugars are usually great.  It feels as if I don’t have any control over this now.  I’m sure that isn’t true but it feels like my own self-help options have run out. 

The interesting thing is I don’t use much insulin.  However, I don’t eat much and I don’t eat many carbs so that should do it eh?

Lately I’ve done a lot of working out with the kettle bell in an attempt to increase calorie burning muscle mass.  It’s working, I’m gaining muscle and toning curves which is great.  But, the working out plus the weekly caloric intake doesn’t justify what is going on with the scale.  I’ve tried eating more and boy did that backfire.  So I’m back to confused. 

We’ll see what the doc says.  In the meantime I’m hoping my only option isn’t something like Symlin or Metformin because I hear those cause nausea and I’m very sensitive to drugs and feel their side effects really strongly.  Yet, I’ve heard those work for a lot of people dealing with insulin resistance…

Sigh…I don’t want something extraordinary.  I just want to eat normal and exercise normal and get normal results. 

Anyone dealing with something similar?