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The Weird Place I Usually Inject

Photo courtesy of Zirconicusso


Does anyone out there inject insulin into the area just above their breasts?  This feels awkward to admit but I do.  Just above the breast tissue but below the collar bone is where I mostly inject insulin. 

I’ve been injecting there for about 6 years now.  I got desperate to inject somewhere other than my stomach.  My stomach and hips were just all knotted up with scar tissue from years of pumping (and perhaps not rotating sites adequately).  I’ve been getting allergy shots in both arms every week for 10 years so my arms are out.  My legs have always been the most muscular part of me and so I just don’t feel comfortable injecting there.  It hurts more, too.  Sometimes I’ve gone into the muscle and that changes insulin function (makes it faster). 

A doctor once told me I could inject anywhere on my body as long as it was adipose tissue.  I looked down one day and thought, gee, there is some easy to access adipose tissue right there.  This is not to be confused with breast tissue or the pectoral muscle by the way.  Many of us who are not super skinny have a tiny bit of fat just above the breast, especially since most of us wear bras, which do some lifting action.  (Trust that this post is actually making me squirm right now)

Anyway, I find insulin absorption is really fast in this area so I find it particularly helpful to use when high.  I also don’t like pulling up my shirt to inject in my belly out in public and I don’t like injecting through clothes (makes me nervous that the insulin won’t reach me).  Thus, for so many reasons, I really like injecting here.  Want to see what it looks like?  I have to show you because it sounds crazier than it looks.  Just remember, this can’t be done if you’re really thin or just don’t happen to accumulate any extra fat in the chest area.  I’m an hourglass so unfortunately, I just gain all over, evenly.   

Demonstration video which you WON’T be making fun of: