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Wednesday Revisit: Diabetes, Self-discipline, and Paradigm Shifts



I just reread this post I wrote on November 15th 2009 and realized I needed a refresher.  This is one of the most read articles on this site.

It’s about the powerful notion that when we change our perception about things, the right decisions for our health can also be the easier ones.  It’s a journey, not a sprint, however.

Anyway, have a great Wednesday and check out: Diabetes, Self-Discipline, and a Paradigm Shift Part I (the end of the post links you to Part II if you’re interested)

Wednesday Revisit: Health First, Fashion Second


I wrote this post out of experience (as usual).  I went years spending money and much effort on the right clothes, shoes, tanning lotion, hair product, and make up in order to look how I wanted to look.  Thing is, I wanted to just look healthy.  I wanted to look fit and glowing, happy, and energetic.  So my attempts through shopping to achieve this fell flat and I went broke.  There is no substitute for the real thing.  I really think that to look healthy, we need to be healthy.

So I put more time, effort, and cash into the basics: exercise and good eating.  And what do you know, I started looking healthier and feeling better.  I used to search for the perfect jeans.  Then I ran 3 miles, 5 days a week and suddenly all jeans fit perfect and I learned I had been going about it backwards.  Now if only I could do that with my post-pregnancy body…but that’s another story entirely!

Anyway that’s what this post is about.  A gentle reminder to you and myself, that if we focus on health first and fashion second, we’ll get what it is we’re searching for.

Originally posted on August 4th, 2009:

Focus On Health First, Fashion Second

Wednesday Revisit: Things To Make Reminders For



I find that writing down reminders alongside of appointments helps my diabetes management out a lot.  So two years ago I wrote a short post about what exactly I remind myself of.  While we’re on the subject, I’m not a big techie person, where do you keep track of your appointments?  I use the old fashioned calendar!  I’m thinking there are better ways.  Fill me in :)

Originally posted on August 2nd, 2009

Things To Make Reminders For (Diabetes related)